Dans ou bonus pa blié bann pauvres

Maison Dawah, a humanitarian non-government organisation (NGO) with many years of experience, collects food items to assist families in need. Its goal this year is to help 1,000 households with food assistance.

Maison Dawah, situated on rue Labourdonnais, participates in a nationwide activity at the conclusion of each year. We collect non-perishable food items to distribute to poor families. Hossen Kurrimboccus, the organization’s president, explains:  “Maison Dawah was founded in 2014, and we have been collecting food items since then. We know that all workers will get an end-of-year bonus in December. We plan to use this occasion to arrange a ten-day food collection (non-perishable) activity in favour of families in distress.”

“The collection officially started on Thursday, December 20, and will continue until Sunday, December 30. The gathered food items will subsequently be distributed to Mauritians and needy families in Rodrigues. We’ve set a target of preparing food worth Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 for 1,000 households,’ said Hossen Kurrimboccus and Maison Dawah is therefore relying on the generosity of our fellow citizens to contribute. “This food distribution will help reduce hunger among the poor,”

Although the primary mission of Maison Dawah is to educate people interested in learning more about Islam, Hossen Kurrimboccus adds that its members also engage in social activities. “We help families and other individuals who are in need. We have trained about 200 individuals to do this job,” Hossen Kurrimboccus explains. He continues, “There is no religion for philanthropy.” There are no boundaries between us.

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