Islamic Dawah Academy: Educating youths and assisting the underprivileged

The Islamic Dawah Academy (IDA), situated in Phoenix’s Noor Hall, was founded to provide Islamic education and assistance to families in need.

The interest shown by members of the Muslim community in the numerous events planned by IDA has provided the essential encouragement for its members to continue in the same path.

IDA organizes educational sessions in the areas of Dawah, Zaka’at, Islamic finance, and Sharia-compliant marriage preparation. Some of these classes have already begun, and anyone interested in learning more may contact the numbers listed below.

Hossen Tariq Kodabacus, president of IDA, is concerned about the deterioration of morality in Mauritius. “There are fewer young people attending madrasah and masjid. Our mission is to encourage and motivate these young people with the assistance of a competent team, instilling in them the necessary Islamic principles. Otherwise, these young people run the risk of being caught by the scourges that are already affecting our society” he said.

The Islamic Dawah Academy’s mission is not limited to educating and training youths, but also to assist families  that in need. As a result, it provides monthly food assistance to many impoverished households. Additionally, IDA conducts lectures for students during school breaks and excursions supervised by its members. Additionally, IDA gives notebooks to underprivileged youngsters in society.

Halimah Peerbux is the leader of the “IDA Muslimah Club,” and she is one of the many individuals who contribute significantly to the Islamic Dawah Academy. She is in charge of youth training and counselling. The Fellowship First Aiders of Rose-Hill are presently offering first aid classes to young girls. It is worth noting that IDA is collaborating with Maison Dawah on the “Dan Ou Bonus, Pas Blié Bann Pauvres” initiative.

Those interested in assisting the poor and participating in Islamic youth training may contact IDA on 606 2073 or 5766 54 55

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