About Maison Dawah

Maison Dawah is a humanitarian based non-governmental organisation focusing on Dawah, Social and Empowerment. Established in February 2014, Maison Dawah continues on assisting the needy, providing counselling and encouraging its beneficiaries to move forward in life.

Maison Dawah‘s objective is

  1. Social aid to poor and distressed families around the Island
  • Food packs
  • Tools to empower workers
  • Counselling (psycho-conseil) to families
  • Administrative procedures, medical visits, etc.

2. Education and Training : –

  • Prepare a family budget
  • Hygiene (personal and house)
  • Environment

3. Dawah

  • Alleviate misconceptions about Islam
  • Promote Islam as religion of peace
  • encourage Muslims and non-Muslims to learn how Allah’s worship is expressed in the Quran and practiced in Islam via da’wah.