Launching Ceremony of a booklet“The Status of Women in Sacred Texts

One day workshop and Launching Ceremony of a booklet
“The Status of Women in Sacred Texts”
The event was organized by the Council of Religions (CoR) on Saturday 22 August 2020 at 09.30 hrs at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka. Mr. Ahamad Boodoo and Miss Nusayhah Aumeer of Maison Dawah attended.
The event started with a ceremony whereby interfaith prayers were said by representatives of different religious bodies. Mrs. Allia Syed Hossen – Gooljar, initiator of the event, gave an interesting speech which englobes the status of women in various religions. “Les textes sacrés sont des lumières” quoted Father Philippe Goupille, the president of CoR. He was followed by Mr. Vyapoory Paramasivum Pillay, GOSK Former Vice-President of the Republic: “Men and women have distinctive roles. As a mother, she does not only give birth but helps in the spiritual, physical and psychological development of her child. For a father, he is also responsible for cultivating the mind of the child. He is the leader and decision-maker.” Lauching of the booklet “Status of Women in Sacred Texts”, introduced by Mrs. Allia, was done thereafter by Mr. Vyapoory. A vote of thanks by the secretary of CoR, Mr. Bashir Nuckchady, closed this first part of the event.
After a group photo session and tea break, the workshop proper started. Each speaker spoke on the status of women in his/her respective religion notably the Tamil Religion, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Bahá’í faith and Christianity. From the different presentations it transpires that all the sacred texts give women a high status in society. In all spheres of life their importance is known – be it as daughters, mothers or wives. But…as Mrs. Allia Syed Hossen – Gooljar explained: “La femme représente plus de 50% de la population mondiale mais malheureusement, elles ne jouissent pas des mêmes droits que les hommes et leur voix et leur statut au sein de la société sont souvent ignorés. Cependant,… nous constatons que la femme jouit d’un rang élevé mais à cause des mauvaises interpretations des textes sacrés et des pratiques culturelles, les femmes ont été reléguées dans des positions subalterns au sein de la société.” Following the interventions, there was a Q&A session and summing up of the event at 15.15 hrs.

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