Humanitarian aid

We realise that these days the cost of living is continually going up and needy families are finding it extremely difficult to feed their children two meals daily.

It was therefore decided, in a spirit of solidarity and compassion, to give some additional food support to a number of families. After carefully examining the files of our beneficiaries a short list of 20 families was drawn up.

In the week beginning 13 June 2022, 20 foodpacks (basic food items only, each pack worth about Rs 1,220) were distributed to these families.

The beneficiaries showed much humility and gratitude upon this unexpected humanitarian gesture.Locations where distributed:•Ward IV, Vallée Pitot, Plaine Verte, Cassis, St Croix, Terre Rouge, Trou aux Biches, Montagne Longue, Dubreuil, Moka, Coromandel, St Paul, Vacoas, Cité Richelieu, Cité Grande Rivière, St Hubert.

We also thought of cleanliness of the house of these needy families. Hygienic packs were prepared for three families with children- consisting of brushes, brooms, mops, soaps and detergents etc. Each hygienic pack is worth about Rs 700 – Rs 1,500.

The beneficiaries were pleasantly surprised. They were very happy too. Lots of thanks to our donators and wellwishers.

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