Family Dawah on 01 September 2021

It concerns a couple with three children living in a remote small village in the district of Moka:

* Father   — Mr. Andy , “electricien” by profession, revert.

* Mother — Mrs. Armand, housewife.

* Three children:

      1. Daughter — Grade 7

      2. Daughter — Grade 4

      3. Son          — Grade 3

In year 2019, Mr. Andy Tek was victim of a severe road accident and he could not work to earn his living. The family found itself in great difficulties, so much so that the children had to stop school, as there was no money for bus transport and school materials etc. Maison Dawah has been helping the family in terms of food aid, psycho counselling, children getting back to school, consultation with psychologist etc.

In this remote village, there are no born-Muslim families at all and there is no madrassah or masjid. So, we at Maison Dawah decided to visit the family, spend a few hours with them, interact with every member and provide them with spiritual support through some basic Islamic teachings, Insha Allah, as follows :

1. We started with a Demonstration of wuzu. It was about 12 o’clock. Please note that there is no tap water in the house, only collected rainwater.

2. A talk and explanations on sura Fateha and salaat etc. (about 20 mins).

3. Azaan. Salaat Zuhr in Jama’at where everybody participated.

4. Lunch (provided by Maison Dawah)

5. 14.00 hours. Talks by sisters from Maison Dawah

       * Teachings on eating and sleeping (5 mins)

       * Teachings on dress code for men and women (4 mins).

       * Cleanliness and ghusl etc. —– for sisters only (12 mins).

6. Distribution of gifts to our hosts. Vote of thanks.

7. Departure at 15.00 hours.


1. It was a great opportunity for the family to benefit from practical revisions in performing wuzu, and salaat in Jama’at.

2. All members of the family were very attentive and participative.

3. The children were all very happy and excited with the event.

4. We noted that there was quite a number of shortcomings in various aspects of practising Islam.

5. From the family:

   1. Mr. Andy Tek: “Mo pas ti esperer li pou interessant comme ça”.

   2. Mrs. Anisha and daughter: “Nou pou content si ena encore programme”.

The above testifies to the success of the event, Alhamdulillah.

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