Ecological catastrophe in Mauritius’s southeast coast: Maison Dawah assists those affected

Maison Dawah continues to provide humanitarian assistance. Being in the field on a daily basis, the Maison Dawah team saw that there is still a significant number of vulnerable families in need of food, particularly in light of the pandemic’s effect on economic activity.

As a result, a decision was taken in mid-August to alleviate their difficulties. Maison Dawah prepared 30 food packs (each worth about Rs 800) and distributed them in the suburbs of Port Louis, Cap Malheureux and Beau Bassin. 

Maison Dawah provided food packs to 12 families (each pack valued at Rs 775) mostly consisting of fishermen as a show of unity and compassion. They reside in Residence La Chaux (Mahébourg) and Résidence Pointe Jérôme. The Maison Dawah team travelled to Résidence La Chaux for the distribution on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. The beneficiaries were mostly ladies, waiting for us to claim their food packs. They were overjoyed and expressed gratitude to Maison Dawah members by saying:

“Merci beaucoup, zot ine dérangé depuis Port Louis pour vine aide nous et encourage nous. Bon Dieu pou beni zot’’

Following the wreck of sea vessel Wakashio, the heavy oil catastrophe started. Maison Dawah contributed to limiting the spread of this noxious oil along the coastlines. We donated a green net (worth Rs 6000) to a group of volunteers who were working diligently to construct buoys that are used to control the spread of the heavy oil.

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