Workshop: Emotion Awareness and Management by Psychologist Mushiirah Khodabux

As part of a project funded by the National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF), the NGO Maison Dawah recently held a workshop on “Emotions Awareness and Management”. The program was held at the hall of the Zinat-ul-Islam mosque in rue St James in Port Louis. Over four days, two days for men and two days for women.

The programme, led by Counseling Psychologist Mushiirah Khodabux, taught participants how to manage their emotions on a daily basis. The majority of participants were Maison Dawah’s beneficiaries and NGO employees. The various courses were truly fascinating, especially the practical sessions.

Maison Dawah conducted a ceremony on Wednesday, November 25 2020 to present certificates to the participants. Many members of the Maison Dawah executive committee, as well as other guests, attended the ceremony in Zinat-ul-Islam Hall. Mushiirah seized this opportunity to give a demonstration on the preparation of an “a stress ball” with flour and an inflated balloon. Then, all participants were invited to prepare a stress ball, which they did very happily with some help.

This event participant was very lively and everybody enjoyed it. The NGO’s president, Hossen Kurrimboccus, was pleased with the event’s success and commended psychologist Mushiirah Khodabux for her contribution.

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