Dawah and workshop at M-Kids Association

Maison Dawah was invited to an ‘Atelier des enfants’ organised by M-Kids Association on Friday 04th March 2022. The program was held in a villa situated in Cap Malheureux. The audience consisted of approximately 25 people where the majority were non-Muslim children of 9-12 years old.

Imam Arshad Joomun of M-Kids Association initiated the session with a brief comment on Br. Hossen’s journey and achievement towards Dawah and social works. He appreciated the fact that the young generation is taking the lead. Our first speaker, Sameed Damaree, started by explaining the activities of Maison Dawah. Then he focused on a short “Introduction of Islam”. He explained the five pillars of Islam and the six articles of faith. He emphasized the concept of Tawheed all along. The second speaker, Nusayhah Aumeer, seized the opportunity of being a few weeks away from Ramadan and explained about the blessings and benefits of this holy month. Fatemah Jaddoo was then given the floor and she narrated a story based on Luqman’s ten pieces of advice to his son. The children listened carefully. Lastly a quiz/workshop was held, it was facilitated by Muneera Doorga. It was an animated session. Gifts were given to winners during short Q&A sessions all along the program.

The program closed on a good note and staff of both Maison Dawah and M-Kids Association assembled for a group photo.

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