Aisha, who converted to Islam two weeks ago, recounts her first Ramadan.

She immediately felt an inner pleasure and her heart shone with brightness

A fresh birth, a new life.

Aisha, who converted to Islam two weeks ago and is now observing her first Ramadan, introduces us to her life as a Muslim and enables us to experience her first Ramadan, which she describes as wonderful. “At first, I was fearful, but after the first day, I realized that the Creator was with me and leading me along the new path I had chosen,” she explains.

« Mo tanne ène la voix invisible dans mo zoreille ki dire moi lever pour garde roza ».  Each morning, she takes her breakfast and prays the namaz. Every day, she receives texts from sisters who have encouraged her to join Islam informing her that it is sehri time.

Inner joy

“I spend a lot of time praying for my foes and seeking forgiveness for my family and friends who have not yet found the way to Islam that leads to Heaven,” she said. Aisha said that she prayed often for those in need across the globe and for all those who suffer under men’s oppression. Moreover, in order to avoid thinking about food while fasting, she concentrates on the creator. “ « Mo péna aukaine tentation de la faim ni de la soif » ” she adds. She breaks the fast at sundown, using water and dates first.

Since she was a little kid, Aisha desired to dress in Muslim attire; the colorful scarves (Hijab) mesmerized her. Years have passed without her renouncing her fervent desire to dress in the manner of Muslim ladies. When she switched professions and was assigned to a Muslim employer, she experienced a shift in her attitude and started to learn about Islam’s unique role for women. Aisha works for United Bus Service (UBS) as a conductor.

“My coworkers were supportive of my decision. Curiosity was there, and it was exactly because of this that I was able to talk and explain my decision and perspective to them,” she says

Prior to converting to Islam, Aisha confides to us that she secluded herself in her room to contemplate and communicate with the Creator. She was in tears and prayed to Allah for guidance. “Mo fine dire au Créateur montré moi ène changement dans mo la vie,” she explains. She immediately felt an inner pleasure and her heart shone with brightness. Aisha recalls that on the day she uttered the “Kalimah” (testimony to convert to Islam) and testified that only Allah is worthy of worship and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; a pleasant scent filled the area where she was standing. She sobbed joyfully. “« Kan mo fine senti sa parfum là mo senti moi ressenti ène la joie indescriptible, »,” she said.

Unfortunately, Aisha claims that after her conversion to Islam, she has faced a lot of criticism and hatred. Although the experience is difficult, her faith stays steadfast and enables her to confront criticism and move ahead

” « Mo fine vine ène dimoune douce et mo caractère fine changer. Mo prend banne critique avec le sourire, »,” she emphasizes. Her conversion was met with hostility among her family. Her parents were very perplexed by her conversion . According to Aisha, she converted to Islam out of love and in her search for the truth, and all of her problems have been wiped away by the many good experiences she has had since her conversion

Ramadan’s beauty

Additionally, it was in her place of employment that she learned the real essence of Islam. Naturally, there will always be some with unfavorable attitudes, but what matters is that they embrace the beliefs of others. I live a healthy lifestyle, and that to me is genuine Islam,” Aisha continues to tell us, beaming with pleasure at the prospect of fasting for almost 12 and half hours without any issue. ” Mo dire avec Allah pencore arrive 30 jours roza to pe donne-moi sa quantité la joie-là. Mo croire ki sa même la magie du Ramadan ”she exclaimed with a touch of pride”.

The new Muslim convert thinks she has gained divine favour since her daughter, who is just seven years old, wants to dress up like her. “She requests that I cover her head, and she appreciates the way I dress,” she notes

Aisha makes an effort to pray every day in order to live out her beliefs. For her, Islam represents a fresh birth and the start of a new life. She feels herself fortunate that Allah selected her to convert to Islam. She can rely on her friends to assist her in learning and comprehending Islam, and she does research and reads extensively for documentation. Aisha explains that she agreed to testify openly out of love for Allah. “« Mo pas pou juge personne parce ki Allah ki vrai juge, ” she replied with a smile.


We would like to express our gratitude to Hossen Kurrimboccus, director of Maison Dawah, for allowing us to meet Aisha at her office. Hossen Kurrimboccus and his team perform an excellent job of propagating Islam across the island, and over a hundred individuals have converted to Islam under his leadership. Along with spreading Islam, Hossen Kurrimboccus is there on the ground to assist those in need. May Allah assist him in his noble endeavor.

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