A day out with the reverts

Maison Dawah couldn’t organize outdoor activities due to Covid-related constraints for the past two years. However, as the number of covid cases has decreased and the government lifted most restrictions, we have been able to engage in some activities. One such activity was organised by Maison Dawah on Friday 25 November 2022. A group of reverts together with their children were accompanied to the seaside and for Jummah salaat.

Our first stop was Pereybere public beach. Two of our close collaborators who also give tuition to reverts at their residence in Grand Bay, joined us at the public beach. After setting down on the beach we gathered under the trees to listen to talks by staff of Maison Dawah on the following topics:

–           Age of Ignorance and the advent of Islam.

–           Brotherhood and respect towards the opposite gender.

–           Doing actions with sincerity.

–           Importance of prayer (Salaat).

After that, we had lunch before heading to Masjid Al-Ghurabaa (Pereybere) for Jummah salaat. Some of our revert brothers and sisters were impressed and grateful because it was their first time to attend a Friday sermon (khutbah) and salaat.

Then we headed to the Bain Boeuf Public Beach for refreshments and gift distribution.

As the program reached its end, the reverts and our two collaborators expressed words of thanks for this beautiful day of learning and brotherhood, Alhamdulillah.

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